Production genealogy in MES



The Production Management module in MES Plant Applications system improves and optimizes production processes by providing a detailed view of the exact product path through the process (product tracking). It generates genealogy reports and allows to make schedule adjustments in order to optimize the use of machine park.


The module enables improvement of plant efficiency through better control over the actual processes:

  • full traceability of individual items through every step of the production process allowing for auditable genealogy
  • managing and reporting the use of devices in  process
  • integratation of quality and production tracking to improve the accuracy of the tasks performed.

It allows to generate higher revenues thanks to meeting customer expectations better, while ensuring compliance with the requirements:

  • tracks products and materials throughout the production cycle (identification of products in progress)
  • generates reports and certificates (COA – Certificate of Analysis)
  • ensures faster response to needs reported by client
  • enables tracing the production genealogy
  • enables adjusting the production schedule


Preview of the interactive production schedule in real-time. It enables real-time preview of order status and production schedule.


Time course for production. Graphical overview of the time course for production in relation to subsequent machines on the line. Thanks to the “drill-down” methods, it facilitates obtaining detailed information on the occurring production events and the diagnosis of their causes.

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