3D printing

Great minds think alike!

That’s why you should work with the most reliable partners, that’s what you’re here for and we… we choose HP Multi Jet Fusion!

Print the sample!

3D print anything you want!

Use the state-of-the-art HP Multi Jet Fusion technology! Give us the chance to 3D print your company's future, regardless of how complicated and complex the product is!

We want to be of help!

Do you know that you can 3D print small engine parts or even... whole bridges? Ha! So... what can we 3D print for you?

3D printing manufacture

We are able to 3D print things in any amount you need - let it be 1,000, 100 or just 1 piece. Everything is defined by you... and it happens up to twelve times faster than with the use of the popular SLS technology.

You can ask about

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    Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing for the industry

    We use the best 3D printing method in the country, and we have our own machines and equipment

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    3D modelling

    We help to create 3D models for printing

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    3D scanning

    We have the appropriate equipment to scan

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    Topological optimisation

    Our engineers will 'reduce' your spare part by optimising the use of materials while maintaining the same performance

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    Audit of spare parts

    We will tell you which parts are worth having 'in the virtual warehouse' and how to improve them

Why should you use our 3D printing services?

Multi Jet Fusion HP

MJF HP technology consists in bonding polymer powders (PA12, PA11, PA12 + GB, TPU) using chemicals and light from high-power flash lamps. The printout is fast and precise. Fully proprietary HP technology is currently the most advanced and most effective additive method in the world.

What is unique about the Multi Jet Fusion?

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    print speed

    3 to 10 times faster than in SLS technology

  • punktor

    temperature resistance

    140 degrees C of continuous work, up to 180 degrees C of episodic work

  • punktor

    high material integrity

    compliance with elements made in injection moulding at the level of 99%

  • punktor

    strength at the level of 48 MPa

  • punktor

    50/5000 dimensional repeatability of the printed parts ≈ 80 μm

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    liquid resistance

    low surface roughness

How to start 3D printing for industrial use?

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and let the professionals do the industrial 3D printing for your company!

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