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As an Authorized Distributor of GE Digital industrial software we offer a wide range of infallible production management applications:


one of the most popular visualization and control software, with more than 350 000 installations all over the world

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visualization and control system based on client / server architecture

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WebSpace Software

full-featured web client for HMI/SCADA or Plant Applications. It supports full control and visualization capabilities over intranet or secure internet

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Historian Software

data management software which collects, archives, and distributes great amount of production information at extremely high speeds

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Historian Analysis Software

easy-to-use web client for GE Historian

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Plant Applications Software

operations performance management software. It is a MES solution, that enables production monitoring and optimization

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Mobile Software

Real-time Operational Intelligence tool, that delivers the right information in right hands and right time, using mobile devices

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Scheduler Software

interactive, graphical planning tool that enables making efficient real-time production schedules

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Workflow Software

business process management software, which organizes the flow of information in the production process. Based on service-oriented architecture

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Dream Report Software

user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications

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