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Additional benefits of reporting data from the Proficy Historian system? And totally for free? It’s all possible! Find out more about Web Trend Client!

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What is Web Trend Client?

Web Trend Client is a web interface extending the functionality of the popular data repository - Proficy Historian. Due to the possibility of determining trends and viewing data in a user-friendly graphical interface, the user may easily determine basic causes of production issues and convert raw data into essential information.

What can Web Trend Client do?

After logging in, the user can search, browse and, above all, analyse process variables in an easy and transparent way using a web browser. Thanks to the possibility of creating charts, you can observe the progress of the process within a specific time frame. Thanks to the option to generate analysis reports and share them with other users, the process of information flow in the plant can be significantly improved.

Benefits of using Web Trend Client

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    Easy administration

    Simple web interface, personalised application environments, generation and sharing of analysis reports... And there's even more! You can also create favorite reports for specific employees.

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    Time and money saving

    Simple configuration with the Proficy Historian tool, rapid data analysis by means of determining trends... and all this for free!

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    The faster you know about problems and disturbances, the quicker you can respond to them. You can also analyse downtimes faster.

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    More accurate decisions

    You make decisions on the basis of reliable reports...and what is more, you can access such reports 24/7 from anywhere you want

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    Increased data availability

    Data are available from anywhere; you'll find what you're looking for more quickly using the tags that are necessary to carry out the analysis. What is more, web-based access to reporting means faster exchange of information within the company

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    You can access historical data and reports generated on their basis from anyplace! It's convenient - you only need the browser!

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