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The specificity of work in the laboratory of a large industrial plant requires the use of a dedicated IT system, taking into account all, sometimes very individual and unitary requirements of the customer.

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iFIX in the laboratory

The solution we offer is based on SCADA stations – in this case it is Proficy iFIX (the application responsible for data collection from automatic and manual sources) and Proficy Historian industrial database, which is a repository of all laboratory data. The system is further enhanced by the possibility of remote access (via a web browser) to laboratory data and approvals, using Proficy Webspace software.

Proficy iFIX

Remote access to data, flexibility

The use of GE Digital's flexible, open programming tools makes the system a turnkey software solution that takes into account all customer needs, on the one hand, and an open system that can freely be developed and modified by the user on the other.

Proficy Webspace

The VIX Automation Lab Log is a modular solution

The current version of the system includes three modules, each of which can be extended with additional functionalities. It is also possible to design new modules from scratch.

dziennik laboratoryjny VIX Automation

ATTESTATION MODULE - functionalities

  • creation and editing of specifications with a breakdown into physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic parameters
  • creation and editing of customers and products
  • possibility of tying a product to a specification and customer as well as categorizing the product by product groups
  • possibility of generating a standard attestation
  • possibility of creating a customized attestation in a user-defined form in a simple MS Word interface
  • mechanism for marking the batch number and tying the batch number to a product manufactured on a specific day of manufacture
  • possibility of introducing tests of the final product at the attestation stage (testing of a sample on dispatch)
  • possibility of automatic download of data for attestation from
dziennik laboratoryjny VIX Automation

LAB LOG MODULE - functionalities

  • validation of data entry, colouring of log cards according to data correctness and automatic conversion of daily and shift average values
  • possibility of excluding measurements both during the entry of the measurement and post factum
  • user-configurable reminder mechanism for test execution
  • calculation engine that allows calculations to be made on data, entered by the user, in the form of any mathematical equations
  • motor automatically converts all mathematical relationships between parameters
  • flexible system of measurement cards, providing the possibility of extending each parameter by any number of measurements
  • possibility of exporting data to a spreadsheet
  • possibility of entering the results in text form (selection of parameter value from a pre-configured list)
dziennik laboratoryjny VIX Automation

REPORTING MODULE - functionalities

  • generation of a daily incremental report based on a configurable MS Excel template file, possibility of cyclic generation
  • generation of a decade report based on a configurable MS Excel template file
  • generation of a report for any parameters at any time
  • possibility of marking the generated reports as valid and placing them in a handy bin
  • ergonomic report viewer
  • possibility of sending the report via email


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