We know visualization and production management systems inside out, we realize how crucial they are to the business, so we always suggest to our customers to protect them, so that nothing could interfere with their operations

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We understand the specifics of production plants

We are automation specialists who have gained experience in many production industries (and not only), we know that the protection of key processes in the company is crucial, not only to prevent material losses, but also to secure the know-how.


We know what your business needs

First of all – it’s security!

Dangerous data leakage, phishing attacks, company network intrusion… Are you familiar with that from the stories told by IT specialists? Are you aware that your OT network faces the same threat? Ensure the security of your process, do not allow your company network to be hacked. Contact us, we’ll tell you how to do it!


Take care of your data

Corporate data security includes but is not limited to adequate backup protection, the ability to quickly restore data after an attack or an unintentional human error. Remember about the redundancy and replication of data. We’ll help you chose the right solution!

A secure company takes care of the OT network in the same way it takes care of IT network. Thanks to appropriate protection, you avoid not only financial but also image losses!

6 ways for a secure OT network

Learn our methods of fighting cyber-criminals

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