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In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, when the production data availability is on the rise, a very important aspect is their proper use in an effective reporting system – on these reports we base our key production and business decisions.

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raportowanie produkcji

Reporting starts with reliable data!

The basic expectations for production reporting systems are for them to be based on good (reliable) data and available from anywhere – in real time. The creation of a well-functioning reporting system consists of two key stages:

  • building an appropriate architecture (using the Industrial Internet) and collecting required data in industrial databases (eg. Proficy Historian),
  • configuration of a reporting system on the basis of data collected in Proficy Historian and proper reporting, including adapting the presented information to the type of recipent (different for an operator, different for the production director).

Reporting modules provided by VIX Automation

Depending on the client's needs, we can implement the whole range of reporting solutions


Production reporting using Dream Reporting for Proficy

In the FMCG production plant, Dream Report system has been used to report multi-source data simultaneously: real data, historical data and relational MES system database data. As a result, dedicated reports were obtained that allow for an advanced analysis of the relationship between production events and signals from machines.

Dream Report for Proficy

Production reporting using Historian Analysys

A solution implemented in the food industry that uses several thousand automatically collected data in the Proficy Historian industrial database. The system is multi-station, used by many departments for the detection and ongoing analysis of adverse production events. Thanks to the use of Internet technology, reports are available from any location. (Historian Analysis is the predecessor of the Web Trend Client with very similar functions)

Web Trend Client

Production reporting using a spreadsheet

A simple production reporting system in a sewage treatment plant. Proficy SCADA iFIX visualization and Proficy Historian industrial database with Excel Add-in have been used in the implementation. The reporting system consists of several spreadsheets with monthly statements for all media together with summaries and calculations. In addition, the spreadsheet includes annual statements.

Excel Add In

If you want to improve the work of your company and minimize the risk of wrong decisions, it is worth focusing on production reporting. Dedicated software, which will be created for the needs of your company, will help you achieve it. Please contact us for more details. We are happy to answer all your questions. We can answer one of them now: yes, access to production reports in real time is a very good step. Always be up to date, analyze the latest data and make the right decisions. VIX Automation will equip you with the right tool.

Automatic production reporting

In order to conduct your business in a thoughtful way, you should focus on production reporting. Why? Because it is impossible to reliably manage a production plant without appropriate data. Every entrepreneur should know how many products have been created in a given time period, eg during a day, week or quarter. This makes it easier to control employees and helps to optimize production. As you can see, production reporting is essential for the company to function well. The question, however, is: how to do it?

How to report production?

VIX Automation is here to help. We develop industrial software that allows our clients to operate more efficiently and achieve higher profits. What’s more, we make sure that the reports are legible and as useful as possible. Our solutions can be tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. Thanks to them, you can generate clear production reports , e.g. in Excel. Data can also be presented in Proficy Historian client tools and in a web browser.

Why is it worth using our services?

If you are considering whether to take advantage of our services, please consider the benefits it may bring you:

  • we will propose software that will be based on reliable data, generating reliable reports in real time,
  • reliable system that will be legible and tailored to the recipient, this also applies to data presentation,
  • we will enable automatic reporting with online reports,
  • the system will be easy to configure, allowing you to create various reports that contain a lot of information.

Automatic reporting

Automatic production reporting saves a ot of time – you do not have to prepare reports manually. At the same time, you always have an insight into how your company works and how effective your employees are. When implementing new production strategies, you can identify errors and correct them on an ongoing basis. Automatic reporting significantly speeds up the decision-making process and makes it more accurate.  Reports are easy to share between departments, exchanging ideas or comments what is also a big benefit.

Do you want to create reports in your company more efficiently?

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