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During several years of experience gained while working on the Polish and foreign markets, we have implemented systems to improve production management in a number of different industries.

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BMS (building management system)

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Several SCADA systems integrated into one,
  • Replacement of communication servers
  • New utility consumption reports

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Possibility to make business decisions on the basis of real data on utility consumption,
  • Previous, unsupported SCADA systems integrated into iFIX – a common platform for the entire control room,
  • Convenient management and administration of one, new, adequately secured system,
  • Replacement of operating systems with those currently supported – improved safety of the entire installation

Installation industry

SCADA system, quality tests for heating mats production

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Redesigned and updated SCADA system,
  • Rewritten and reconfigured communication driver for the measuring device (high voltage tester),
  • Implemented mechanism facilitating switching between testers in emergency situations.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Improved continuity of operation as a result of considerable shortening of MTBF in case of measuring device failures,
  • Access to new functions of the voltage tester from SCADA visualisation,
  • Additional protective measures to prevent situations which endanger the health and life of operators.

Plastics processing

Comprehensive SCADA system modernization

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Complete analysis of the existing application with recommendations for further development,
  • Review of applications, standardization of appearance, error handling and script repair,
  • Restarting proprietary mechanisms in the application (timeline chart functionality), after the changes introduced in the customer’s machine park in recent years.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Easier and more intuitive work with the application, partly due to changes in the ergonomics of the application (modification of the production hall layout, moving objects from “plastics” visualization to “technology” screen, etc.),
  • Considerable improvement of application stability in terms of communication with devices and machines (thanks to optimization and updating of communication drivers)
  • Reliable data from injection molding machines (work / stop / hand / mass flow) provide the basis for analyzing the availability of machinery and planning production capacity of individual areas.

Glass factory

Glass quality monitoring system

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Development of platform based on SCADA / Historian / MS SQL system,
  • Connection to measuring heads,
  • Server equipment deliveries.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Comprehensive online analysis and visualization of quality parameters in the production of glass panes through communication with the spectrophotometer,
  • Stabilization of the process through swift corrections (changes in gas parameters or value set to the cathodes), which are performed by the operator based on information obtained from the SCADA system,
  • As a consequence, the system helps minimize products outside the specification and thus significantly reduce the production cost of defective products.

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