Paper industry

Poland is ranked 12th in the world in terms of paper pulp exports. Domestic production is focused on paper, cardboard and paper pulp. VIX Automation also contributes to the development of this market. We improve the work of domestic producers of this material!

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branża papiernicza

Paper Mill

Manufacturing  Execution System

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • The possibility of controlling and supervising an extensive paper production line was introduced,
  • Screens for accessing real-time and archival data directly on paper units were prepared,
  • A detailed insight into the history of each parameter has been designed thanks to the Proficy Historian industrial database,
  • Control of availability of paper units was obtained – by determining OEE indicator.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Enables the identification of the OEE indicator – availability of units
  • Limits losses between operations
  • Enables clear generation of reports for the selected period with the determination of reasons for downtime
  • Enables a quick response in order to maintain continuity of production when a failure occurs
  • Enables an objective assessment of the quality of the modernizations carried out as well as of the impact of the changes introduced within a unit

Paper factory

Expansion of MES Plant Applications system 

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Expansion of the raw material consumption tracking module (folding and rolling processing),
  • Import of production orders and BOMs from the ERP system,
  • Implementation of a mechanism for generating batch numbers and a mechanism for counting downtimes,
  • Expansion of the mechanism scanning bar codes to retrieve information about raw materials (components) used in production.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • The integration of MES Plant Applications with ERP and WMS systems provides extensive capabilities for the analysis of production genealogy – from the paper machine to the machine packing the products into unit packages,
  • The link between a production batch code and a WMS bulk pallet ID ensures precise reporting in case a batch needs to be withdrawn from the market or in case of a complaint,
  • Reduction of the reporting and search time from a few hours to a few minutes, thanks to the new reports.

Producer of paper fillings

Reporting system and maintenance support

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • New open SCADA and Historian platform provided,
  • Possibility of proactive maintenance,
  • Programmed algorithm analyzing production.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Detailed information on wear and durability of saws and support for the Maintenance Department,
  • Possibility to analyze the rate of saw blade wear as a function of subsequent sharpening,
  • Greater control of production and machinery thanks to information on cut lengths for each order,
  • Elimination of manual production reporting – integration with PLCs to ensure 100% data integrity and correctness,
  • Access to unambiguous supervisory data for any given period in the form of a report.

Paper Mill

Software audit / Training

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Software audit
  • Optimization of server redundancy configuration
  • Optimization and configuration of communication protocols
  • Basic and advanced training for workers

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Increase in system reliability through the optimization of settings
  • Improvement in communication with PLCs, monitoring connection statuses
  • Increasing crew competence in the scope of operating and programming SCADA systems
  • Faster response to failures and unforeseen situations.

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