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Expansion of SCADA application enabling control of a dosing auger

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Analysis and audit of existing application
  • Functional extension of the application enabling monitoring and control of the auger for dosing the next component,
  • Integration with the company-specific system

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Improved information flow through integration of SCADA with ERP. This eliminates human error and ensures reconciliation of work in progress. Additionally, paper forms for logging of events were eliminated,
  • Precise reporting was implemented – which procedure was applied, what and when was produced, with what material consumption. This also significantly facilitates any potential complaint procedures,
  • Controlling the operation of the dosing auger from the application improved its accessibility.

Formulation management system and reports

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Upgraded SCADA system,
  • Improved formulation management,
  • Modified reporting system.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Continuity of production system even in the absence of communication with the main formulation base,
  • Safer SCADA system thanks to limited possibilities of editing sensitive data,
  • Convenient configuration of manually dosed admixtures together with event history record,
  • Employee attendance tracker by production shifts

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