Environmental protection

The solutions we implement are widely used in a number of companies, where they contribute to an increase in OEE, KPI or other indicators. Our software makes a real contribution to environmental protection!

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Environmental protection / Cosmetic industry

Monitoring of utilities in the plant

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Expansion of the SCADA system with a module for handling meters for media,
  • Built mechanism for the visualization of deviations and generation of warning signals in case of exceedances,
  • Fully reliable data – elimination of paper reports / manual input of readings.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Notable reduction in the cost of consumption of utilities in the factory,
  • All data is available in one report, providing quick and easy access to comprehensive analyses and summaries of utilities used – the analysis is possible in different contexts for any period,
  • The data necessary for technologists are provided on an ongoing basis – quick responses,
  • Protection against exceeding the limits and, at the same time, elimination of contractual penalties.

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