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90% of the top pharmaceutical companies uses Proficy software from GE Vernova. We understand the processes and principles of safety and hygiene in pharmaceutical plants very well. See how we helped some of them!

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Modifications and maintenance of the SCADA system

Solution implemented and results achieved:


  • Adding or modifying the functionality of the existing SCADA system,
  • New mechanisms for viewing reports and application protection settings,
  • Much improved filtering of alarms and historical events for the purposes of Audit Trail.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Operators are more efficient in implementing the safety policy concerning SCADA application passwords,
  • Automatic or manual synchronization of domain users with the local iFIX database,
  • New mechanisms of log filtering (by date and time and number of events displayed), enable faster decision-making and reporting on the quality of production.

SCADA system update and integration with BATCH tool

Solution implemented and results achieved:

  • Update of the extended SCADA system on the occasion of PLC replacement,
  • Integration with BATCH system,
  • Carrying out validation tests and preparing additional documentation.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • The update of operating systems and SCADA software made it possible to take into account the current requirements concerning OT corporate security,
  • Granulator – manual or automatic control was made available,
  • The insight into the detailed information about all process parameters and the comprehensive handling of the CIP process guarantee high quality and safety of production,
  • An extensive mechanism for reviewing reports (audit trail) enables the obtaining of accurate information about: production batch, phases carried out during production, parameters achieved for each phase, etc.

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