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System Integrators


One of the key elements of our business is close cooperation with automation systems integrators.

For many years, we advise our partners in the implementation of the state-of-the-art- technologies in the field of industrial software.

We build long-term relationships with partners on mutual trust. We put emphasis on our customers’ competence expansion through a series of workshops and consultations. We also offer a fast and professional access to technical support at every stage of the project.

Our Actions

  • Relations bulding

    We establish long-term relationships based on trust and competence.


    We support our partners in implementing innovative solutions.


    We offer fast and professional access to technical support and training.


    We are considering even the most innovative technology cooperation

  • Krzysztof Piasek

    We have extensive experience in projects related with different SCADA systems so we cooperate with many distributors. VIX Automation stands out from the other SCADA system providers, offering fast and professional service and support in solving problems during the implementation of projects.
    For us this is a key advantage, because we implement a lot of unconventional solutions. As a result, we appreciate cooperation with VIX Automation extremely highly and it remains our reliable partner.

  • Lukasz Kapusta

    We've been implementing SCADA systems for a long time in various industries. We greatly value VIX Automation solutions. Both technical support (helpful in new ideas and unconventional solutions) and sales service (with professional knowledge about the offered products) are at the highest level. Cooperation with a partner such as the VIX Automation is a pure pleasure.

SPP Program

GE Solution Provider Program

A special form of cooperation with system integrators is Solution Provider Program, led by GE Digital. At this moment we are cooperating with more than 30 authorized SPP partners, which are specialized in the implementation of control systems in all major industries.

GE Digital Solution Provider Program is a global partner program for automation systems integrators, OEMs and engineering companies. Participation in the program allows temporary use of software without need to purchase a full license (software leasing). This is especially convenient for system integrators whose task is only to create the application, not the subsequent usage.

Each of the companies participating in the program receives a complete set of tools to create applications based on the GE Digital software.

Kit contains tools to create and run:

  • SCADA software (iFIX and Cimplicity)
  • applications for archiving and reporting process information (Historian, Historian Analysis, Historian for SCADA)
  • applications for production efficiency monitoring (OEE)
  • as well as the software used to program the PLCs and operator panels.

What are the benefits of participation in the SPP?

  • License keys to all major GE Digital products
  • Free access to most of GE Digital products
  • access to current documentation and information about the latest functionalities
  • A significant reduction in the cost of renewing the lease agreements
  • Direct access to technical support from GE Digital
  • Receiving the latest version of the software as soon as they become available.

What should I do to participate in the SPP?
Are you interested? Please, contact us!

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