Industrial analytics: CSense

Benefit from the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Proficy CSense to efficiently identify problems and their causes, as well as to predict and optimise the course of the production process.


What is Proficy CSense?

Proficy CSense is an easy-to-use analysis software designed for process engineers by GE Vernova (GE Digital). Proficy CSense uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable process engineers and technologists to explore industrial data and quickly identify problems, uncover root causes, and automate operations to continuously improve quality, productivity and use of resources. CSense helps you cut costs by turning raw data into business value. By analysing data, engineers and technologists can solve problems, predict and optimise resources and process performance in real time.

The Proficy CSense Capabilities

CSense uses built-in advanced algorithms to create a process model based on data from multiple sources (Big Data). It finds correlations and relationships between them that the human eye cannot detect. Thanks to these capabilities, a process engineer using CSense does not have to be a Data Scientist. The extensive analytical capabilities allow users to analyse the process in depth, create a digital model of the process and identify the factors that influence its variability. In the next stage, after the model has been created, automatic monitoring of process performance allows early detection of deviations and the possibility to correct settings, as well as predict potential errors (predictive analysis).

What are the benefits of Proficy CSense?

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    Reduced process variability

    Combine data from different sources, use analytics and machine learning to significantly reduce process variability

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    Problem prediction

    Use the collected data and process it properly to spot potential problems before they occur (predictive analysis)

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    Less downtime

    Process monitoring and early warnings reduce downtime and losses

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    Simulations and optimisation with a 'digital twin'

    Simulations with a 'digital twin' model allow you to predict the consequences of future events and planned modifications and make the right decisions

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