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Highly scalable and flexible SCADA software from 50 variables!

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What is Cimplicity?

Proficy Cimplicity by GE Vernova (GE Digital) is a SCADA/HMI system offering visualisation functions such as monitoring and control of company equipment and resources. An extensive library of objects and symbols and a built-in scripting language allow for an easy and quick implementation of the system in any industry.

Why Cimplicity?

Cimplicity includes a full range of easy-to-use applications and services that continuously improve production efficiency. There are more than 200,000 licences installed all over the world. The solution can be implemented in both small enterprises (from 50 variables) and in large manufacturing or municipal companies, where the number of variables reaches even several hundred thousand!

Products provided along with Cimplicity:

Additional functionality to your Cimplicity system

Find out the reasons why you should check out SCADA Cimplicity

Cimplicity is a safe SCADA system that has been widely used in a number of companies. Find out why others chose Cimplicity!

  • Simplicity

    Quick and easy development of applications, integrated design environment, drag-and-drop method. Access to Experts and Wizards tools

  • Unlimited possibilities możliwości

    Conversion of data into dynamic texts, alarms and graphic objects. collection of data from all sensors and equipment, access to current and historical data

  • Safety

    Smart error detection

  • Flexibility

    Enables connection to the existing infrastructure, minimizing of investment costs

  • Time and money saving

    Reducing downtime and operating costs

  • Stability

    Brand stability guaranteed by an experienced distributor and manufacturer

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