Dream Report for Proficy

Advanced reporting tool for the every type of industry – expand your knowledge about your company!


What is Dream Report?

Dream Report is professional and user-friendly reporting software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It enables the generation of static and dynamic reports based on real or historical data collected in your own and external databases.

Benefits of Dream Report

The software enables the automated generation of reports, for example, based on time or process input. It also makes it possible to share reports online in the form of archive files or dynamic view.

Discover other reasons why Dream Report should become part of your company's future!

Why Dream Report?

Extended reporting allowing users to synchronize data from several sources is a way to save money. Data alone are not the key to success. Skilful data management is!Same dane nie są kluczem do sukcesu. Kluczem jest umiejętnie zarządzanie nimi!

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