Predix – IIoT Platform

Predix is a modern and powerful platform, based on cloud technology, designed for companies wishing to enter the era of Industry 4.0. and the Internet of Things.

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What is Predix?

Predix is a modern IoT platform, developed by GE especially for industrial solutions. It provides users with a full range of services, from collecting data from machines with the principles of cyber security, through process monitoring, data archiving in the cloud, to Big Data analytics and advanced analytical applications (e.g. Digital Twin). Predix-based applications enable a new level of performance of both GE Vernova solutions and solutions of other vendors. It uses the PaaS model – Platforms-as-a-Service, which makes it a coherent, secure and scalable tool supporting the creation of modern solutions for industry.

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Predix is a versatile platform, below we present only selected applications.


Smart waste management

A solution that enables the monitoring of the filling level of waste containers with the use of ultrasonic sensors. This solution helps to plan, collect and manage waste with the use of up-to-date data. It also enables an increase in the efficiency of the fleet by optimising the route of garbage trucks.


Smart water management system

It enables remote monitoring of water level in tanks, water consumption and its quality parameters. It helps ensure an uninterrupted water supply based on historical data analysis. It provides information on the level of water consumption and sends warnings when the alarm threshold is exceeded.


Forecasted maintenance

The application foresees the remaining service life of key tools used in the production plant. It also enables the maintenance of the equipment according to its actual technical condition rather than based on the planned schedule. Predictive analysis enables savings in maintenance costs.

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