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What is Proficy Historian?

Proficy Historian from GE Vernova (GE Digital) database system is more than just an industrial database, it is an advanced tool that supports your company thanks to a number of free tools provided along with the application! The system enables the collection, processing and archiving of process data. Proficy Historian is a fast and user-friendly application that is distinguished by its high efficiency and scalability.

How does Proficy Historian work?

Proficy Historian uses open industrial protocols, such as OPC; it allows users to connect to relational databases and SQL queries. An unquestionable advantage is the possibility to develop your own software based on the production data downloaded from Proficy Historian in VB6.0/VBA, C++, languages.

How can Proficy Historians help you?

Proficy Historian is a database that also gathers data on alarms, events and electronic signatures. It deals with even the most difficult data management situations very well. It is an integrated platform that collects all production information across the entire company.

What products will you get along with Proficy Historian?

Additional functionality to your Historian system

Why choose Proficy Historian?

Historian is more than just an industrial database! This is a package of products that will help you work dynamically with the data collected!

What is Proficy Historian?

Proficy Historian is an industrial data archiving system produced by GE Vernova (formerly GE Digital). It was designed to meet the needs of production companies and significantly facilitates working with data. It has many advantages and has a very good reputation among users. It stands out for speed of operation, scalability and ease of use.

What exactly is Proficy Historian?

It is an industrial database offering a range of advenced reporting tools to support your business. The software is intended for industry and its main features are speed, efficiency and security.

What are the advantages of this software?

There are significant differences between Proficy Historian and other RDB databases. From the very beginning, you will notice that the installation of the relational database takes quite a long time. Historian system is totally differnt. Right after installation, which takes only several minutes, the program is ready to collect data. It is also much more efficient than the rest of the RDB databases (thanks to collectors, base structure and high compression). 4-byte numbers take 2 bytes, and thanks to the “spike logic” mechanisms, data archiving is carried out without distortions. The table structure is reduced to several views, and the query to the database is usually 70% shorter. Proficy Historian excludes the risk of hacking the database with SQL Injection. When communication with the main server is interrupted, the collectors enable local data buffering. The system can cooperate with other than iFIX or Cimplicity SCADA / HMI solutions.

What’s included in the package?

Proficy Historian database includes: online reporting tool, free demo version of the GE Vernova reporting tool and a technical support package. Along with the program, there is also available Excel data import tool, additional manufacturer’s technical support, free updates and a database and collector management tool.

What is the feedback form users?

Many users appreciate the ability to share information in Excel. Thanks to Proficy Historian, companies can quickly assess the current state and past production processes. The data is safe, and the use of the program itself is not difficult. It is possible to configure it quickly and introduce any changes. It is also important that the system uses open industrial protocols and provides the possibility of independent development of applications. Users also pay attention to the speed of operation and efficient data compression. An important aspect is also trouble-free administration. For most of companies, it is an ideal reporting tool.
Proficy Historian is a unique industrial database. The only one of its kind on the Polish market! The components contained in it make work easier, and learning how to use the system does not cause much trouble. It works fast and has great efficiency. It is a necessary piece of equipment for every production enterprise.


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