Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Plant Applications

Choose a comprehensive software tool to monitor and optimise your production comprehensively and measure OEE in your company in a correct way. Learn more about your manufacturing processes, and get valuable data that will help you improve your company.

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What is the Plant Applications software?

It is a manufacturing execution system (MES) by GE Vernova (GE Digital) that enables a comprehensive monitoring and optimisation of production. It is a unique solution for collecting information from production lines and save it in the "virtual plant" model, where data can be downloaded at any time for further analysis.

How can Plant Applications help your company?

This software helps to select the areas that have the greatest impact on the efficiency and quality of production. It also works perfectly in the area of production traceability and, thanks to its flexible platform, it can be intuitively integrated with ERP and WMS systems.

What are the benefits of implementing MES?

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  • Optimisation

    Optimise and analyse your processes in order to continuously improve their efficiency using the automatic calculation of key KPIs in production (e.g.: OEE, MTTR, MTBF, Cp, Cpk, etc.).

  • Knowledge supported by data

    Get the full knowledge of the use of resources, available machine working time, production speeds achieved (productivity), and aspects relating to the compliance of production with specifications.

  • Production traceability

    Track and monitor production performance in real time (downtime, micro downtime, losses, including detailed OEE analysis).

  • Production genealogy

    Analyse and control the quality of products and processes and the execution of production orders and track work in progress.

  • Trend analysis

    Execute production orders in accordance with specifications thanks to the real-time trend analysis, production traceability according to SPC and detailed reporting.

  • Appropriate hierarchy

    Take advantage of innovative solutions offered by GE in order to gain access to process data in accordance with individual user requirements. The right information available in the right place and at the right time.

  • Integration

    Exchange information between MES and ERP systems in order to import orders and report manufacturing execution.

Additional functionality to Plant Applications system

MES systems

Production management systems MES ( Manufacturing Execution System ) as software supporting the analysis of industrial plant performance facilitate the monitoring of production processes according to several key criteria. One of the most popular MES solutions is Proficy Plant Applications by GE Vernova (GE Digital), which can be effectively implemented by VIX Automation experts.

Advantages of Plant Applications

MES system such as Plant Applications allows you to create contextual views, which are a very rich package of information about the operation of the machine park and an indication on how to optimize given production processes within an industrial enterprise. As a result, the following benefits for the company can be achieved:

  • more effective use of machines and production lines, thanks to the use of overall equipment efficiency indicators (OEE);
  • improvement of production quality indicators thanks to the flow analysis within the production line;
  • modification of the production process in accordance with the principles of lean management;
  • compliance with standards specific to different plants and production processes (eg FDA regulations).

MES software modules

GE Vernova MES systems can be implemented in an integrated manner or as individual modules:

  • Efficiency – the use of OEE indicators for comparative analyzes and better use of the company’s capital;
  • Quality – allows you to monitor product quality;
  • Production – allows you to analyze the product structure in the process and improve its quality;
  • Batch Analysis – a set of powerful analytical tools and reports (characteristic of other Manufacturing Execution System programs) allowing for better control of variability in the batch production processes.

Integration with other systems

MES production management systems are a natural extension of the HMI / SCADA  programs, which is why they are very popular among large industrial enterprises due to their easy integration with various systems. Each MES application can be integrated with ERP.

Advantages of the VIX Automation offer

The production management systems implemented by us include support packages (Acceleration Plan) and a security guarantee of the implementation of the entire system (or individual modules). We provide also training support for entities ordering our MES systems.

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