Communication drivers

Drivers provide data exchange between SCADA software and industrial automation devices.

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An essential element of communication

Communication drivers for HMI/SCADA iFIX software enable a stable and efficient connection for data exchange between SCADA software and industrial automation devices, PLCs or DCS systems. It is also possible to communicate with all kinds of sensors or measuring devices used also in building automation (BMS). The iFIX software additionally enables the use of the so-called simulation drivers that enable testing of the visualization application in a simulation environment. Drivers are available after the installation of a demo version of the software.

See the list of drivers that SCADA / HMI iFIX & Cimplicity communicates with

ABB Totalflow
Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1609
Allen-Bradley Bulletin 900
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Allen-Bradley DF1
Allen-Bradley DH+
Allen-Bradley Ethernet
Allen-Bradley Micro 800 Ethernet
Allen-Bradley Micro 800 Serial
Alstom Redundant Ethernet
Analog Devices
Aromat Ethernet
Aromat Serial
Automation Direct Productivity 3000 Ethernet
AutomationDirect DirectNet
AutomationDirect EBC
AutomationDirect ECOM
AutomationDirect K Sequence
Beckhoff TwinCAT
Bristol BSAP IP
Busware Ethernet
Contrex M-Series
Contrex Serial
Custom Interface Data (CID)
Cutler Hammer D50/300
Cutler Hammer ELC Ethernet
Cutler Hammer ELC Serial
Dataforth IsoLynx
DDE Client
DeviceNet (Hilscher Universal)
DNP Master Ethernet
DNP Master Serial
Enron Modbus
Fisher ROC Plus Serial
Fisher ROC Serial
Fuji Flex
GE Ethernet
GE Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
GE Focas Ethernet

Hilscher Universal (DeviceNet, Profibus DP)
Honeywell HC900 Ethernet
Honeywell UDC Ethernet
Honeywell UDC Serial
Idec Serial
IEC 60870-5 104-Master
IEC 60870-5-101 Master
IEC 61850 MMS Client
Intelligent Actuator (IA) Super SEL
IOTech PointScan 100
KraussMaffei MC4 Ethernet
Lufkin Modbus
Mettler Toledo Serial
Mitsubishi CNC Ethernet
Mitsubishi Ethernet
Mitsubishi FX
Mitsubishi FX Net
Mitsubishi Serial
Modbus ASCII Serial
Modbus Plus
Modbus RTU Serial
Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet
ODBC Client Driver
Omni Flow Computer
Omron FINS Ethernet
Omron FINS Serial
Omron Host Link
Omron NJ Ethernet
Omron Process Suite
Omron Toolbus
OPC DA Client
OPC UA Client
Optimation OptiLogic
Opto22 Ethernet
Partlow ASCII
Philips P8/PC20
Profibus DP (Hilscher Universal)
SattBus Ethernet
SattBus Serial
Scanivalve Ethernet
Siemens S5 (3964R)

Siemens S5 (AS511)
Siemens S7 MPI
Siemens S7-200
Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet
Simatic/TI 505 Ethernet
Simatic/TI 505 Serial
Simulator Advanced
Simulator Memory Based
SquareD Serial
System Monitor
Telemecanique Uni-Telway
Thermo Westronics Ethernet
Thermo Westronics Serial
TIWAY Host Adapter
Torque Tool Ethernet
Toshiba Ethernet
Toshiba Serial
Toyopuc PC2 Serial
Toyopuc PC3/PC2 Ethernet
Triconex Ethernet
User-Configurable (U-CON)
WAGO Ethernet
Weatherford 8500 Serial
WITS Level 0 Active
WITS Level 0 Passive
Wonserware InTouch Client
Yaskawa Memobus Plus
Yaskawa MP Series Ethernet
Yaskawa MP Series Serial
Yokogawa Controller
Yokogawa CX Ethernet
Yokogawa Darwin Ethernet
Yokogawa Darwin Serial
Yokogawa DX Ethernet
Yokogawa DX Serial
Yokogawa DXP Ethernet
Yokogawa HR2400 Serial
Yokogawa MW Ethernet
Yokogawa MX Ethernet
Yokogawa YS100

Your device is not on the list?

Your device is not on the list?

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