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Food industry

  • Cheese producer Analysis of production efficiency (OEE) for packaging lines
  • Producer of vegetable preserves Product weight monitoring system
  • Brewery In-line monitoring of beer quality parameters
  • Cheese producer Monitoring the process of salting cheese in brine
  • Sugar Factory Migration of the old CIP station SCADA system to iFIX
  • Brewery Laboratory log

Water and sewage industry

  • Modernization of the control system
  • Updating the visualization, management, archiving, reporting and alerting system
  • Increasing the efficiency of using the crew in the process of controlling the facilities of the Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Station
  • Modernization of the SCADA system in the Central Dispatching Room of the Water and Sewerage Department
  • SCADA system modernization

Paper industry

  • Paper mill Production management system
  • Paper factory Expansion of the MES Plant Applications system
  • Producer of paper fillings. Reporting system and UR support
  • Paper mill Software audit / Training

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Modifications and service of the SCADA system
  • Updating the SCADA system and integration with the BATCH tool

Power and heating

  • Updating of visualization and control systems
  • Updating the visualization, management, archiving, reporting and alerting system
  • Updating the visualization system

Construction chemicals

  • Extension of SCADA application with dosing screw control
  • Recipe management system and reports

Environmental Protection

  • Cosmetics company: Media monitoring in the plant

Other industries

  • Hospital: BMS class system
  • Installation industry: SCADA system, quality tests in the production of heating mats
  • Plastics processing: Comprehensive modernization of the SCADA system
  • Glassworks: Glass quality monitoring system

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