VIX Automation Training Centre

Professional courses conducted by Authorized Distributor of GE Digital software.

Our training program is the result of the experience and knowledge gained over 12 years. It is directed to the engineers, programmers, designers and people interested in industrial automation. So far we trained more than 720 people – end-users as well as system integrators. We realize trainings also for the students and the academy staff of the best technical universities in Poland.

Our offer covers GE Digital software courses, such as: GE SCADA iFIX (fundamentals and advanced training), GE Historian, GE Plant Applications, Dream Report, VBA for GE iFIX (fundamentals and advanced training), SDK and Excel Add-in for GE Historian.  We can also organize dedicated courses with team-building elements and integration trips.

Why our training

The best conditions for learning

  • Training materials in English
  • Guarantee of the highest quality of training based on practical knowledge.

Qualified staff

  • Training is conducted by practitioners: designers and auditors of industrial automation systems.
  • All trainers are Certified Support Professionals.
Form of training

Form: Computer workshops and consultations.

Materials: A comprehensive manual and software for home use.

Place: VIX Training Centre in Katowice, Poland.

Equipment: For each participant’s personal computer workstation.

Participants: Small groups of three to six people.



  • Specialist
    Automation system integrator

    I heartily recommend courses offered by VIX Automation in Katowice. It is not necessary to describe a professional approach and a great know-how of the trainers, because many years of experience in the market, number of clients, multilevelness and diversity of conducted trainings speaks for itself.

  • Automation engineer
    Glass Industry

    Training explained me some of the topics that aroused my doubts. Thanks to that I can now make a proper analysis of our system and try to identify possible sources of problems and make improvements.

  • Automation specialist
    Food Industry

    The training met my expectations. The material has been fully implemented, trainer paid attention to each participant individually, there was no shortage of time for questions. Very professional approach to attenders who have first contact with iFIX. I recommend!

Training program
Choose your training:
  • GE HMI/SCADA iFIX fundamentals course

     SCADA GE iFIX 5.8 EN training program FUNDAMENTALS:

    1. iFIX Installation
    2. Creating Projects
    3. iFIX Workspace
    4. Process Database
    5. Pictures
    6. Key Macros
    7. Simulation Registers
    8. Alarming
    9. Security
    10. Using Schedules
    11. Tools Cross Reference and Global Search & Replace
    12. Archiving Process Data
    13. Using Tag Groups
    14. I/O Drivers
    15. Additional Tools
    16. Network Solutions
  • GE HMI/SCADA iFIX advanced course

    SCADA GE iFIX 5.8 EN training program ADVANCED:

    1. Diagnostics
    2. Advanced Alarming
    3. Alarms to ODBC
    4. VisiconX
    5. Electronic Signatures
    6. SQT/SQD Blocks
    7. Using Multiple Monitors
    8. Tag Groups as Global Glossary
    9. Configuring Languages
    10. Dynamo Objects
    11. Optimizing Application
    12. Application Validator
    13. SCADA Failover
    14. Tool Discovery & Auto Configure
    15. DDE in IGS Driver
    16. Webspace
  • VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX fundamentals course

    VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX – training program BASIC:

    1. What is Visual Basic language?
    2. VBA environment in iFIX
      • editor screen elements
      • iFIX environment code writing
    3. VBA language description
      • language keywords
      • mathematical and logical operators
      • VBA types of data
      • constants and variables
      • declaration of constants, variables and objects
      • data structures
      • dialogue boxes
      • comments
      • object-orientation in VBA language
    4. Functions and procedures
      • writing functions and procedures in VBA language
      • methods for calling functions and procedures
      • sending function and procedure parameters
      • DoEvents manual
      • GoTo manual
      • conditional manuals If…Then…Else, Select Case
    5. Do Loop, For Next loops
    6. Collections and arrays
    7. Fixed values
      • Enum enumeration type
      • Const type variables
      • environmental variables
    8. References
    9. VBA Debugger
      • code navigation
      • code breakpoints
      • variable value view
      • running the code
      • debugging using MsgBox
      • error management
      • Immediate box
    10. File operations
    11. Advanced file operations
    12. Win API – Declare manual
    13. Toolbars
  • VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX advanced course

    VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX – training program ADVANCED:

    1. Advanced iFIX project structure
      • module composition
      • class implementation
    2. iFIX ribbon – adding own functionality to the iFIX context menu ribbon
    3. Block group technology
      • advanced iFIX applications using TGD files
      • creating TGD files from the VBA level
    4. GE Historian
      • access to historical data using SDK
      • operating the file collector (working with XML and CSV files)
    5. Relationship databases
      • SQL operations on a relationship database
      • ADO technology
      • iFIX diagram with relationship database data
      • access to historical data using ADO and the GE Historian OLE DB source
    6. Advanced iFIX diagram functions
      • adding / deleting markers
      • marker color change
      • navigation in time
    7. Interfering in IDE during code execution
      • adding procedures
      • adding modules
    8. Using MS Office
      • creating an xls, pdf format report
      • creating a doc, pdf format report
    9. Advanced data presentation tools – using msfFlexGrid
  • GE Historian course

    GE Historian training program:

    1. Administering the GE Historian server
      • system statistics
      • operation screen of tags, collectors and data files
      • system message screen
    2. Data storage – operation screen of data storage and archives
    3. Access restriction
    4. Entering data into Historian system data collectors
      • installing a Historian system data collector
      • configuring the Historian system data collector for automatic start-up
      • collector redundancy
    5. iFIX system data collector
    6. OPC collector
    7. File collector
    8. Types of data identified by the user
    9. Enumeration variables
    10. Historian clients
      • Historian Interactive SQL application
      • Proficy Real Time Information Portal SQL
      • Microsoft Excel
      • Microsoft SQL Server linked servers
      • VisiconX
      • Visual Basic and ADO
    11. Excel AD-inn for the Historian system – defining reports
    12. OLE DB
      • working with SQL, SELECT, SET formulas syntax
      • general guidelines for preparing an enquiry
      • parametrized SQL enquiries
      • connecting to OLE DB Provider
    13. Registering alarms and events
    14. Linking servers
    15. GE Historian server as the source for OPC HAD
      • supported Historian OPC HDA server attributes and quality values
      • configuring Windows XP or Vista system firewalls to operate with remote OPC servers
      • connecting and disconnecting from the OPC HDA server
    16. Calculation collector
      • performing calculations, calculation tab
      • source, target and release type tags
      • creating calculation formulas using a wizard and types of supported functions
    17. Server-to-server collector – collecting data from other servers
  • SDK for GE Historian course

    During training, a theoretical knowledge on the library will be passed and practical exercises of a gradually developing programming project implemented.
    The outcome of the project is an application covering the major Client Access API library functionalities.

    The training requires basic knowledge on C# language, object programming and the industrial GE Historian database.

    SDK for GE Historian training program

    1. .NET and Historian requirements
    2. Project configuration
    3. Database linking
    4. Tag operations
    5. Data management
    6. Server management
    7. Archive
    8. Data storage
    9. Collector
    10. Data type
    11. Enumeration
  • Excel Add-in for the GE Historian course

    Historian Excel Add-In client allows the report analysis and generation using a popular analytical tool. Excel Add-In includes
    report templates containing alarm and event analysis and widely expands the possibilities and benefits arising from using
    the Historian archiving and data recovery system.
    During training, the participant shall become familiar with the Excel Add-In functionality, shall have the opportunity to practically
    use implemented functions that collect and calculate data for the needs of generating updating reports and comparisons
    within different timeframes.
    The training requires basic knowledge on VBA language and the industrial GE Historian database.

    Excel Add-in for the GE Historian training program:

    1. Introduction
      • General information
      • Possibilities
    2. Historian Excel Add-In installation
      • Equipment and software requirements
      • Installation
      • Add-in configuration
      • Defining reports
      • Excel Add-in – Administrator
    3. Historian Excel Add-In functionality
      • Searching
      • Editing
      • Administrator
      • Settings and support
    4. Beginner exercises
      • Running the add-in
      • Tag variable enquiry creation
      • Variable current data enquiry creation
      • Exporting variable information from Historian
      • Modifying and importing data using Excel
    5. Advanced exercises
      • Shift report
      • Batch manufacturing
      • Daily media use report
      • Statistical data analysis
      • Event report
  • GE Plant Applications: Efficiency & Quality module - MES System course

    GE Plant Applications: Efficiency & Quality module training program:

    1. Introduction
    • Plant applications – MES class software
    • Monitoring the manufacturing process efficiency
    • System architecture
    • Equipment and software requirements
    1. Plant Applications software use
    • Plant Applications administrator
    • Plant Applications client
    1. Configuring a demo manufacturing plant in the Plant Applications system
    • Description of a demo manufacturing plant
    • Sending data to the industrial database
    • Linking the system with the industrial database
    • Configuring a virtual plant
    • Web server operation – exemplary reports
    • Example of generating a report using Excel Add-in
    • Example of making an Excel report available as a website
    • Vision system reporting
    • HMI/SCADA iFIX system integration
  • Dream Report course

    Dream Report training program:

    1. Dream report installation
    2. Creating a project
    3. Driver configuration
    4. Data registration groups
    5. Report settings
    6. Data field objects
    7. Series
    8. Tables
    9. Diagrams
    10. Indexes
    11. Exporting reports to Excel
    12. User management
    13. SQL manager
    14. System fields
    15. Web Portal

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