Configuration and programming of GE Plant Applications - VIX Automation

Configuration and programming of GE Plant Applications

GE Plant Applications: Efficiency & Quality module – MES System course


GE Plant Applications: Efficiency & Quality module training program:


1. Introduction

  • Plant applications – MES class software
  • Monitoring the manufacturing process efficiency
  • System architecture
  • Equipment and software requirements

2. Plant Applications software use

  • Plant Applications administrator
  • Plant Applications client

3. Configuring a demo manufacturing plant in the Plant Applications system

  • Description of a demo manufacturing plant
  • Sending data to the industrial database
  • Linking the system with the industrial database
  • Configuring a virtual plant
  • Web server operation – exemplary reports
  • Example of generating a report using Excel Add-in
  • Example of making an Excel report available as a website
  • Vision system reporting
  • HMI/SCADA iFIX system integration


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