Programming in VBA language in GE iFIX environment(basic) - VIX Automation

Programming in VBA language in GE iFIX environment(basic)

VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX – training program BASIC


GE Historian training program:

1. What is Visual Basic language?
2. VBA environment in iFIX

  • editor screen elements
  • FIX environment code writing

3. VBA language description

  • language keywords
  • mathematical and logical operators
  • VBA types of data
  • constants and variables
  • declaration of constants, variables and objects
  • data structures
  • dialogue boxes
  • comments
  • object-orientation in VBA language

4. Functions and procedures

  • writing functions and procedures in VBA language
  • methods for calling functions and procedures
  • sending function and procedure parameters
  • DoEvents manual
  • GoTo manual
  • conditional manuals If…Then…Else, Select Case

5. Do Loop, For Next loops

6. Collections and arrays

7. Fixed values

  • Enum enumeration type
  • Const type variables
  • environmental variables

8. References

9. VBA Debugger

  • code navigation
  • code breakpoints
  • variable value view
  • running the code
  • debugging using MsgBox
  • error management
  • Immediate box

10. File operations

11. Advanced file operations

12. Win API – Declare manual

13. Toolbars


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