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Reporting of data for GE Historian package

Excel Add-in for the GE Historian course


Historian Excel Add-In client allows the report analysis and generation using a popular analytical tool. Excel Add-In includes
report templates containing alarm and event analysis and widely expands the possibilities and benefits arising from using
the Historian archiving and data recovery system.
During training, the participant shall become familiar with the Excel Add-In functionality, shall have the opportunity to practically
use implemented functions that collect and calculate data for the needs of generating updating reports and comparisons
within different timeframes.
The training requires basic knowledge on VBA language and the industrial GE Historian database.


Excel Add-in for the GE Historian training program:

1. Introduction

  • General information
  • Possibilities

2. Historian Excel Add-In installation

  • Equipment and software requirements
  • Installation
  • Add-in configuration
  • Defining reports
  • Excel Add-in – Administrator

3. Historian Excel Add-In functionality

  • Searching
  • Editing
  • Administrator
  • Settings and support

4. Beginner exercises

  • Running the add-in
  • Tag variable enquiry creation
  • Variable current data enquiry creation
  • Exporting variable information from Historian
  • Modifying and importing data using Excel

5. Advanced exercises

  • Shift report
  • Batch manufacturing
  • Daily media use report
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Event report


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