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Manage multiple databases from one place, control all iFIX and Historian installations!

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What it Configuration Hub

Also known as Integrated Development Environment, it is an additional tool that comes with iFIX 6.5 and Historian 9.0. It is used to manage multiple databases. Thanks to it, you will have control over all your iFIXs and Historians. It will save time while working - it will automatically add iFIX tags to Historian. It will allow you to take advantage of the advanced features available with the Historian 9.0. All this in an attractive and intuitive interface.

Benefits of using configration Hub

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    Database management

    Configuration Hub allows you to manage your Proficy iFIX and Proficy Historian installations from one place!

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    Advanced Historian Features

    Managing Mirror Nodes and Distributed Nodes (available in Enterprise version)

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    Model configuring

    Creating an enterprise model - it will facilitate adding additional installations to the process and smooth navigation through the application and contextual viewing of alarms

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    Better control

    Access to server statistics and data collector management.

Configuration Hub is an integral part of the software since iFIX 6.5 and Historian 9.0

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