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What are iFIX Productivity Tools?

The Productivity Tools are set of enhancements for Proficy iFIX designed to make your SCADA application even more efficient and faster, and your operations even safer! It is a suite of tools and featuress that improve usability of your application and enable faster deployment. Now available at no additional charge to all users who have purchased a Proficy iFIX license with the Acceleration Plan.


Productivity Tools includes many features to enhance the 7 key areas of iFIX:

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    pre-configured intuitive navigation system designed for iFIX

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    a consistent control interface with operator dialogs to manage all types of devices and equipment

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    a complete and permanent record of all activities available only in Productivity Tools

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    effective alarm management with extensive functions

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    PAN & ZOMM

    enables a quick transition from macro to micro scale for better process visibility

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    flexible adjustment of the layout and image size, picture stacking, mutli-monitor support, tab display

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    dbA tool allows you to create, manage and maintain an iFIX database in a single environment

Extensive pictures display options

With Productivity Tools, you can resize a picture by simply dragging it. You can also open multiple pictures and automatically arrange them to fill a single monitor using the standard stacking options. On multi-screen workstations, operators can send images from one screen to another. Productivity Tools also includes a tab tool that is fully configurable.

Event list

The event list is a comprehensive record of HMI/SCADA activity. Provides a chronological record of operator actions and system activities such as event messages, alarms, operator actions, etc.. Thanks to the advanced filtering possibilities, you can easily access historical events from any period. This feature can be very useful when auditing the operator's actions.


dbArchitect tool provides structure to the iFIX database, allowing users to visualize, create, and maintain an iFIX database in a single environment. dbArchitect also enables fast replication of all iFIX data blocks necessary for devices such as a valve or motor. The replication process takes seconds and is applicable to both small devices and larger installations, e.g. pumping stations, tanks or process lines.


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