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We find the security of your business to be extremely important, which is why we provide a support package for each GE Vernova (GE Digital) system licence purchased by you!

VIX Care

By choosing the GE Vernova products, you can be sure that you will receive technical support of the highest quality

The quality of our technical support is what distinguishes us from the competition. We would like to keep your business safe... As part of the service!


customers satisfied with our technical support


We provide technical support during our business hours (8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Mon-Fri)

VIX Care

Proficy software technical support

Our long-term cooperation with Polish industrial plants has shown us how important stable and professional technical support is for them. Therefore, wanting to meet the expectations of our customers, for whom maintaining personal contact with our experienced specialists is so crucial, we provide the support package for each licence purchased*

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    * contact the sales department for details.

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