Audit in manufacturing company – what does it look like?

Most of today’s enterprises are aware of the need to conduct audits of accounting, security, and IT infrastructure. At the bottom of the audit needs is, unfortunately, the OT audit and the audit of machine parks – in other words production audit.

Why is it worth investing in a production audit?

First of all – because the external auditor’s eye will look freshly at your production lines and the work of your teams. He or she will spot any anomaly that you could routinely overlook.

Secondly – because prevention is better than cure. The sooner you learn about the possible effects of the words ’20 years we’ve been working and acting like this’, the sooner you will motivate the team to change their habits, and you will modernize the process yourself.

Thirdly – because the audit does not bite and costs little. No audit company wants to hurt you, but only protect you from the consequences of habits, repeated mistakes or ineffective processes (which cost you a bit more). After all, it’s all about profit, so it’s worth maximizing it!

How does audit of manufacturing companies look like?

VIX Automation offers few types od audits.

The first is the OT network audit – it is performed by specialists in an isolated, industrial network. It also touches upon the security spheres of such a network. During the consultation, security measures, operating systems, security additions for the uploaded software, tool compatibility and their validity are verified. Unfortunately, few companies still decide to perform this type of inspection. Break-ins into the company’s IT network do not happen so rarely, and hence it is only a step to get to the OT network – often not protected by any firewall…

Another type is an audit that approaches production a bit more broadly. Apart from the OT network and its security measures, all elements of the ‘production life’ are checked – most often it is also associated with the analysis of production activity, production quality, maintenance, IT, finance, production management, also based on documentation, which allows for factual analysis in the company and helps to create recommendations and alternatives. It is carried out in two forms.

  • Smaller: a few-hour visit in the plant, during which we conduct a general analysis of needs and present the possibilities of using intelligent technologies, we get acquainted with the production process and its subsequent stages. Such a shortened form is made by us free of charge, nevertheless we create recommendations for you, thanks to which you will improve your production. We perform it on the territory of Poland (and in border areas).
  • Wider report: associated not only with the longer presence of auditors at the plant, but also with in-depth analysis of data provided by you. Having more time for analysis, and being able to ‘calmly’ look at the production processes, we create a recommendation report for you – a production development map. You will find in it not only diagnosed problems, but also a solution to your problems, cost estimates, recommendations for hardware and software architecture, as well as a list of best practices.

What benefits will I get after the audit?

A proper reconnaissance in an industrial plant assumes verification of following aspects:

  • quality
  • compliance with accepted standards
  • availability of key indicators
  • operational efficiency and reporting
  • gaps between industrial and business systems

In these segments of your business you can expect improvement. This translates directly into maximizing profits and minimizing downtime and losses.

How much does it cost?

There is no simple answer to this question – it all depends on the scope, your hardware and software infrastructure. If you want to learn more and ask us about audits – contacts us:

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