Trainings for automation engineers – how to choose?

When choosing training for automation engineers, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. We will go through them to help you choose the best training for your maintenance or automation department, or just for you!

1.Training need – that’s where it all starts

Let’s face it, no one starts learning Modern Greek in order to remain silent during their holidays in Rhodes. Training emerges as a response to a specific need.
Are you an integrator of IT and automation systems, planning to implement a new project based on a solution that should be recalled or taught to the ‘young staff’? Or maybe you are already using a system in the plant but you are not sure if you are doing it right?

These are the most popular ‘training needs’. If you ‘located’ one in your company, then … Read on and find out how to choose training for automation specialists!

2.  Form of a training

There are many different forms of training. It all depends on your preferences and needs. You can choose open training – where general topics are discussed (click here for more). The training programs are based on the experience of trainers, the popularity of technical applications, and above all, the manufacturer’s recommendations. The advantage of such training is low price and relatively high availability.

You can decide on a dedicated training – then the program is determined with you, according to your preferences and skills. Together with the trainer and the training specialist, you create the program, choosing the issues that are more interesting to you, or you simply have bigger gaps in them and you prefer to practice them several times.

What’s more, experienced automation training companies conduct such training in their training centers or at your place – at your plant or online. Each of these forms needs to be considered, as always – they have their pros and cons. You do not always live close to the training center – so training may involve accommodation costs, on the other hand: employees break away from their daily duties and can focus fully on the subject of the training. Onsite training – your employees may feel distracted by their daily work, but you don’t pay for the business trip.

The online option is a very good solution in difficult times of a pandemic – without leaving home, your employees can undergo full training (dedicated or in an open group). Its advantage is a slightly lower price, and above all – you do not have to delay training employees until the situation ‘improves’.

Remember that training can also be a great opportunity for an integration trip. Experienced training companies will also offer you this form: training in the morning and a car rally in the evening.

3. Authorization

It is clear as sun that if you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, and with car engine problems you try to push your car to the mechanic. Are you looking for the first one on the Internet or are you trying to choose an authorized mechanic for your car? Suppose you have a Volvo. Do you take your car to a foreman who repairs mainly Fiats? You try to take care of your car and do not make such mistakes. For the same reason (after all, you care about your knowledge) you should entrust the training to a company that knows the hardware or software inside out. If you choose SCADA training – choose a distributor, an authorized reseller who has the appropriate knowledge and qualified, experienced trainers.

4. Availability – language, group, hardware and software version

Your comfort during training and the quality of teaching should be the most important thing for the trainer. For the same reason, training companies try not to exceed the limit of 6 people in the training room. The reason is quite simple – do you remember foreign language lessons at school? They were attended by the entire class (or better, half), and it was immpossible for teacher to focus on each participant. The fewer participants, the more attention you (or your employee) receive, and … the less you feel comfortable asking for an explanation again.

What you will learn is also important. Let’s use another metaphor. You are buying a new coffee machine. In theory you know how it works, but you need the manual for the first start. You would not be happy if it turned out that you do not get the manual or the manual for another, older model. Let’s go back to the automotive comparison – you wouldn’t want a bald winter tires (from an old car) for your car. You pay – you require. Always use the latest versions of training – because this is the version of the software you buy.

Of course, you also have the right to choose the language version of the training – if your company has several or a dozen foreign-language employees, do not remove them from the training list. Choose the company that will train a mixed group – Polish-English.

5. Price

We agree that this is an important aspect of choosing a training (for us too). The price you get is most often the result of all the above points, it depends on the place, attractions, catering, form, preparation of materials and software version (equipment), language of instruction. Remember that it is always worth negotiating!


Did you choose the right training for automation engineers? Maybe recomendation of our customer will do the work:

VIX Automation provided us with an effective, "ready to use" knowledge about GE Digital systems. During the personalised training in English we understood how the systems work.

Peter Odor


Read the case study about tailored training for NIOTECH INFORMATIKAI KFT in Budapest.


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