Digital Production Day

On October 18, 2023 in Wroclaw, VIX Automation – Authorized Distributor of GE Digital Industrial Software – organized the Digital Production Day: Transformation, Optimization, Analytics.
The event program focused on the capabilities of modern GE Digital software in three contexts:

  • TRANSFORMATION (specifically, digital transformation) – awareness of the need to implement this process is increasing. Without appropriate tools – modern software – it is impossible to effectively implement a digital transformation strategy;
  • OPTIMIZATION – which is necessary if we want to stay competitive and increase efficiency or reduce production costs;
  • ANALYTICS – which gives holistic insight and reliable knowledge about the process.

The Digital Production Day attracted representatives of companies that want to face the challenge of digital transformation.

Dzień Cyfrowej Produkcji z GE Digital

At the beginning, Szymon Tomiczek introduced VIX Automation and GE Digital to the participants. The opening lecture was also an excellent opportunity to announce the upcoming transformation of GE Digital into GE Vernova.

Next, Paweł Czepiel, as a preamble to the technical presentations, talked about the key role of software in the digital transformation of industry. He also presented our new solution – VIX OptiFactory –   a set of tools and accompanying services based on proven Proficy systems (including SCADA iFIX/Cimplicity, Historian, Operations Hub, CSense).

The subsequent presentations were led by our technical experts: Łukasz Buczek introduced the capabilities of the well-known and recognized industrial data archiver – Proficy Historian – in the cloud edition (Proficy Historian for Cloud). He also showed the potential of using software for advanced industrial data analysis – Proficy CSense – which, by the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, allows for continuous process performance improvement.

Another VIX Automation engineer, Sławomir Kubas, presented the capabilities of Proficy Operations Hub. This is a modern tool enabling rapid applications development for data visualization in the form of accessible dashboards, providing a complete insight into the production process. Sławomir also talked about the flexible production reporting tools available on VIX Automation’s offer.

The format of the Digital Production Day allowed for exchange of ideas and opinions with the guests and getting to know their needs in terms of solutions for digital production.

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