Visualization of production processes


– this motto fits perfectly modern methods of visualizing production processes. The person who supervises the production processes (e.g. operator, dispatcher) is experiencing a constant flood of incoming data, from which he or she has to filter out the most important ones, ignoring the information noise.
In traditional systems, the dispatcher often had an entire wall in front of him, filled with indicators, control lamps and numeric displays, often also monitors displaying columns of numbers or graphs. Today, virtual, significantly improved successors of mimic boards and control panels – HMI / SCADA programs, such SCADA iFIX or Cimplicity, come to our aid. Visualization of technological processes and superior control of them are the most important tasks of the iFiX and Cimplicity HMI / SCADA systems.


  • Information can be presented graphically, enriched with animations, dynamic charts and the most important numerical parameters, and at the time of an alarm – also sounds
  • You can define any required number of screens presenting a different scope of information
  • Irrelevant data can be hidden as long as their values ​​are within the given ranges, selected detailed information can be presented on additional defined screens
  • The size of the displayed elements can be related with their importance, and the animations will symbolically show the operating status of the devices
  • The data can be presented not only on computer monitors, but also on large-format TVs and displays (e.g. showing the crew their performance), and even on mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • The operator does not have to be “tied” to the control room anymore – he can move around the plant, go to a selected point, where something “goes wrong”, and still have access to the full picture of the situation
  • Along with the change of needs and the development of the company, it is easy, quick and cheap to adjust visualization system.


With Proficy iFIX and Proficy Cimplicity, the operator will never experience a “flood of alarms” again:

  • The operator can make objective decisions based on properly filtered information provided in real time;
  • The use of additional solutions, such as Workflow, allows you to send tasks to the appropriate employees, leading to the correct solution of the emergency situation;
  • The use of additional analytical programs running in the background allows for early detection of symptoms of incoming problems and thus taking preventive actions before a failure occurs.

Read about our realizations based on GE solutions and see how plants from various industries in Poland have solved the issues of process visualization.

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