VIX Automation in 2021

Another year has passed. Richer with new experiences and new projects, we can proceed to the summary of 2021 and we slowly prepare for the projects of 2022.

… and our team is bigger!

This year, we welcomed as many as 3 new employees. What’s more two young mothers returned to the sales department from maternity leave! So we have more processing capacity and great appetites for another successful business year!

VIX Automation pracownicy

Dawid and Piotr joined VIX Automation in 2021

Appetite for success

2021 was a successful year for VIX Automation. We managed to close many difficult and demanding projects regarding SCADA, OEE and MES systems. Our implementation support department carried out implementations in chemical, food, water and sewage plants, as well as plants producing plastic elements or industrial gases. We were present in small industrial plants as well as in large ones. You can see the effects of some of these projects in our reference videos (available with english subtitles):

Tarkett - kontrola jakości

Production line in Tarkett Polska

We are already filling the calendar of the implementation support department for 2022. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not conducive to trainings carried out at our headquarters, despite all sanitary rigors. However, remote training as well as dedicated ones, carried out at the customer’s premises, sped up.

This year, our engineers also performed a dozen or so audits of production systems, supporting Polish entrepreneurs with post-audit reports, conclusions and suggestions.

Not only service work

As a distributor of GE Digital software, we can boast of a significant increase in license sales – this year, almost 500 Proficy iFIX software licenses have been used in industrial plants throughout the country. We have also granted over 1000 accesses to the VIX Automation Portal (

Responsible for the young ones

Among these 1000 accesses, there were also students of universities from all over the country who use iFIX in their diploma theses, semester projects or on classes. This year, VIX Automation hosted 10 interns from various universities who learned the secrets of working as a software engineer. We also visited several universities with our lectures on first steps with iFIX, its sample system and GE Digital’s mobile clients. It is also worth recalling that from this academic year we became the patron of the field of Automation and Industrial Robotics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology.

Meetings… meetings…

Despite unfavorable conditions, we managed to travel across the country to meet our clients. Our staff had over 250 meetings with clients! But that’s not all! In September,  we also managed to organize the 8th VIX Automation Conference. We met in a slightly smaller group than before, but a large pill of knowledge about modern automation and the unforgettable atmosphere have remained unchanged since the pre-pandemic times. We also took part in a remote Cloud Computing conference with our partner – Polcom. We have organized also 4 webinars for our clients.

After a year of break, we also organized a company integration event, we have not seen each other in such a large group since 2019 – it was great to see! We also took part in the Business Rune (improving the results from last year).

8. Konferencja VIX Automation

Zdobywcy Nagród 15-lecia VIX Automation podczas 8. Konferencji VIX Automation

Software premieres

This year we welcomed the new version of GE Digital flahship SCADA – Proficy iFIX (6.5 with Communicatios Hub). The latest version of iFIX was awarded in the software category in the Leadership in Engineering Achivement Program. In 2021  have appeared two new versions of Proficy Historian (9.0 and 9.1), another version of Proficy Cimplicity (11.1) and a new version of Proficy CSense. We already have some leaks that the 2022 will be just as abundant in Proficy news and software updates as 2021, so stay tuned !

What is 2022 going to be like?

Despite all 2021 was a very successful year. May 2022 be even better than 2021!  In December 2022, we will let you know if our wish has come true!

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