GE Historian course - VIX Automation

GE Historian course

GE Historian course


GE Historian training program:

1. Administering the GE Historian server

  • system statistics
  • operation screen of tags, collectors and data files
  • system message screen

2. Data storage – operation screen of data storage and archives
3. Access restriction
4. Entering data into Historian system data collectors

  • installing a Historian system data collector
  • configuring the Historian system data collector for automatic start-up
  • collector redundancy

5. iFIX system data collector
6. OPC collector
7. File collector
8. Types of data identified by the user
9. Enumeration variables
10. Historian clients

  • Historian Interactive SQL application
  • Proficy Real Time Information Portal SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft SQL Server linked servers
  • VisiconX
  • Visual Basic and ADO

11. Excel AD-inn for the Historian system – defining reports
12. OLE DB

  • working with SQL, SELECT, SET formulas syntax
  • general guidelines for preparing an enquiry
  • parametrized SQL enquiries
  • connecting to OLE DB Provider

13. Registering alarms and events
14. Linking servers
15. GE Historian server as the source for OPC HAD

  • supported Historian OPC HDA server attributes and quality values
  • configuring Windows XP or Vista system firewalls to operate with remote OPC servers
  • connecting and disconnecting from the OPC HDA server

16. Calculation collector

  • performing calculations, calculation tab
  • source, target and release type tags
  • creating calculation formulas using a wizard and types of supported

17. Server-to-server collector – collecting data from other servers


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