Programming in VBA language in GE iFIX environment(advanced) - VIX Automation

Programming in VBA language in GE iFIX environment(advanced)

VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX advanced course


VBA for GE HMI/SCADA iFIX – training program ADVANCED:


1. Advanced iFIX project structure

  • module composition
  • class implementation

2. iFIX ribbon – adding own functionality to the iFIX context menu ribbon

3. Block group technology

  • advanced iFIX applications using TGD files
  • creating TGD files from the VBA level

4. GE Historian

  • access to historical data using SDK
  • operating the file collector (working with XML and CSV files)

5. Relationship databases

  • SQL operations on a relationship database
  • ADO technology
  • iFIX diagram with relationship database data
  • access to historical data using ADO and the GE Historian OLE DB source

6. Advanced iFIX diagram functions

  • adding / deleting markers
  • marker color change
  • navigation in time

7. Interfering in IDE during code execution

  • adding procedures
  • adding modules

8. Using MS Office

  • creating an xls, pdf format report
  • creating a doc, pdf format report

9. Advanced data presentation tools – using msfFlexGrid


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